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Jenni Lorraine is the author of numerous mystery novels

and Kindle Vella series.


She began her career as a ghostwriter and proofreader, gaining nearly two decades of experience in the industry before eventually forging a writing career of her own.


Winner of the Paragon Award for female authors, Jenni's work has been compared to that of Joan Didion and Stephen King. She enjoys writing stories about triumphant underdogs rising to meet challenges among gritty landscapes and seeks to find beauty among the ugliest parts of life.


Aside from her own writing ventures, Jenni also likes helping other authors gain footing in the industry and offers a number of publishing services such as editing, book cover design and also runs a a pre-made book cover store along with her two daughters, who are also designers.

Adrian Rosenbusch, Screenwriter and Best-Selling Amazon Author,

on Tailypo:

   "Jenni Lorraine is an enchanting storyteller. Her approach is an earthy homespun yarn.
   It’s genuinely refreshing to read a novel written in such an utterly immersive manner as to make you forget your whereabouts.
    Jenni Lorraine is a unique author and one to watch closely.

    I enjoyed every page of this spellbinding book, and I invite you to do the same."

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