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A Look Ahead

I hope you're doing great, maybe with a cup of tea and a good book in hand, or maybe just enjoying the simple pleasures of life and reflecting on a year well spent as 2023 winds down.

I've had a good year! "Tailypo" did very well, reaching Best-Seller status and I want to thank all of my readers for playing a part in that! With that said, I'm excited to share some big news with you – 2024 is going to be all about books, and I can't wait to let you in on what's brewing.

Over the past year, I've been tucked away in my cozy office creating characters and weaving stories that I'm itching to share with you.

New Trilogies on the Horizon

First up, I've been working on not one, but two new trilogies!

"The Bird Trilogy" was born out of my love for my parrot, Harpy, and my fascination with the way birds communicate and the idea that they might hold secrets we don't even know about. This series dives deep into the complexities of human relationships while using a few quirky feathered friends as catalysts for the story. It's about family, love, and the hidden secrets that can shape our lives.

As the trilogy unfolds, we peek into the lives of the Thompson family, who run an exotic bird farm in Cedar Ridge, Colorado. When their daughter Sarah returns home after getting some bad career news, hoping to find comfort and direction with her parents, she's met with an eerie mystery as her parents have mysteriously disappeared.

The second trilogy is inspired by a conversation I had in a medical clinic waiting room with an elderly man who used to work with the circus. I wrote the first book of "The Circus Trilogy," to be like sitting down and having a conversation with a sweet old woman named Lucy as she tells you about her life's highs and lows, quite literally — she was a trapeze artist!

The second book focuses on Lucy's sister, Lily, the tattooed lady, who carries secrets the ink on her skin. Each of the first books offers a different viewpoint of a shared tragedy- one that affects each of the sisters in a different way.

The last book, 'Lyle' is from the perspective of a chimpanzee, bearing the reality of the story as a silent witness to the tragedy that unfolds between Lucy and Lily in their last days with the circus.

Interactive Mysteries for Adults

In 2024, I'll be launching a series of interactive mystery novels designed specifically for adults. These books will not only immerse you in gripping whodunits but also put you in control of the story's direction.

In 'Reflections of a Splintered Moon,' you'll step into the shoes of Jim, a father whose life is torn apart when his daughter, Lexi, disappears during a Fourth of July celebration. As you guide him through this harrowing journey, you'll navigate a crumbling marriage, clues provided by a local psychic, and a sinister cult lurking in the shadows of a small town. Your decisions will determine the family's fate, making every read-through a unique experience with new revelations and chilling surprises.

In 'The Girl in Booth Seven,' a cozy late shift at a greasy spoon diner turns into an eerie puzzle when Angie, a sharp-witted waitress, encounters a young girl in the company of a strange older man, setting off alarm bells. What unfolds is a race against time, packed with potential for danger at every turn.

In 'A Peek Past the Curtains,' Olive, a small town's most meddlesome yet endearing busybody, finds her routine people-watching interrupted when Barbara, her most hated neighbor who boasts a bevy of beaus, vanishes without a trace. Armed with nothing but her binoculars and an uncanny knack for sniffing out scandal, Olive's determined to solve the mystery.

Around Christmas of 2024, I'll invite you into the holiday disaster you never knew you needed. In 'Nog,' a festive party unwraps a quirky mystery. One minute, everyone's merry. The next, some are dead- victims of an eggnog situation that could only happen in the wildest of Christmas tales. You'll navigate a blizzard of suspects, each toting more baggage than the holly jolly red man, himself.

Compassionate Crossroads: A Children's Series

In 2024, I'm also unveiling a new project that means the world to me. I'm introducing the "Compassionate Crossroads" series – a collection of interactive children's books aimed at teaching kids about empathy, decision-making, and the importance of animal advocacy. In a world that could use a little more kindness, these books will help young readers develop a deep sense of compassion and love for all living beings.

In today's fast-paced world, compassion can sometimes take a backseat- but it's compassion that connects us to one another, to the animals that share our planet, and to our own inner voice. Teaching children about compassion from a young age is crucial not only for their personal growth but also for the future of our planet.

The "Compassionate Crossroads" series will tackle important themes like adopting rescue pets, wildlife protection, and making choices that promote understanding and kindness. Through relatable characters and engaging stories, I hope to inspire the next generation of compassionate and responsible individuals who will shape a kinder world.

A Year of Adventure and Inspiration

As we approach the end of this year, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support, feedback, and shared love for my books. I'm so grateful to have you on this journey with me.

Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and release dates. Until then, happy reading!

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