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In the quiet suburbs, 15-year-old Gina's world turns upside down when she rescues an orphaned baby squirrel named Scout who has tumbled from a tree. 


Despite her parents' stern disapproval, Gina secretly nurses the fragile creature, embracing a fierce determination to see him thrive. However, an inner conflict brews: she knows Scout is destined for the wild, not a life within her walls.


Gina's quest to ready Scout for the wild leads her to the harsh truth of urban sprawl and its perils for local wildlife. She volunteers at an animal rehab center, where she meets a retired veterinarian, Dr. Reed, who teaches her about animal rehabilitation.


But as Scout grows, so does Gina's attachment and the complexity of her secret. Soon, his rescue and release becomes a community affair.


Packed with adventure, filled with moments of joy and perseverance, and wrapped in rich, easy-to-understand language, "Beyond the Backyard: Gina's Story" is Book Two of the "Compassionate Crossroads" series.


This engaging pick-your-path story empowers young readers to shape the narrative and explore the incredible power of decision-making. Each choice leads to new challenges, friendships, and opportunities for learning, illustrating that every decision we make has a profound impact on our lives and the world around us.

Beyond the Backyard: Gina's Story

Expected to ship by February 15, 2024.
  • Please allow two weeks from time of placed order for Jenni to ship the book to you. Tracking will be provided upon shipping.

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