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Join Isaac, a young nature enthusiast, on an unforgettable journey as he discovers the power of compassion, community, and his own voice in "Restless Winter: Isaac's Story." When a wandering bear named Agnes stumbles into Isaac's small town, life as he knows it changes forever. Fueled by a deep love for wildlife and a steadfast belief in his own ability to make a difference, Isaac embarks on a mission to protect Agnes and educate his community about living harmoniously with nature.


Navigating challenges, forging friendships, and sparking a town-wide movement, Isaac's story is a heartwarming tale of determination, empathy, and the incredible impact one person can have. From the first page to the last, readers will be inspired to look at the world around them with new eyes and find their own ways to make a difference.


Packed with adventure, filled with moments of joy and perseverance, and wrapped in rich, easy-to-understand language, this book is perfect for young readers eager to explore the magic of nature, the importance of community, and the power of standing up for what they believe in!


"Restless Winter" is Book One of the "Compassionate Crossroads" series, an engaging collection of pick-your-path stories crafted to empower young readers to shape the narrative and explore the incredible power of decision-making. 


Each path reveals new challenges, friendships, and opportunities for learning, illustrating that every choice we make has a profound impact on our lives and the world around us.

Restless Winter-Isaac's Story

Expected to ship by January 15, 2024.
  • Please allow two weeks from time of placed order for Jenni to ship the book to you. Tracking will be provided upon shipping.

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