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In an inspiring new adventure, thirteen-year-old Crystal discovers the power of determination and compassion. Since losing her ability to walk in a traffic accident a year ago, her world has changed dramatically. With limited opportunities to socialize with friends, Crystal finds solace in the company of her pet fish- but a chance encounter at a pet store introduces her to an elderly lady's story about a freed, aggressive parrot. Unable to stand by as the domesticated bird faces peril in the wild, Crystal takes it upon herself to rescue it.


Armed with determination and a deep love for animals, Crystal embarks on a mission to find the colorful yet vulnerable bird. Her quest becomes an all-consuming project as she develops strategies, sets up humane traps, and follows leads from locals. Crystal delves into the intricacies of parrot behavior and survival needs, attempting to predict the lost bird's actions. As weeks pass without success, she confronts challenges like inclement weather, the skepticism of those around her, and her own moments of doubt and frustration.


Packed with adventure, filled with moments of joy and perseverance, and wrapped in rich, easy-to-understand language, "Wings of Persistence: Crysta's Story" is Book Three of the "Compassionate Crossroads" series.


This engaging pick-your-path story empowers young readers to shape the narrative and explore the incredible power of decision-making. Each choice leads to new challenges, friendships, and opportunities for learning, illustrating that every decision we make has a profound impact on our lives and the world around us.

Wings of Persistence: Crystal's Story

Expected to ship by March 15, 2024.
  • Please allow two weeks from time of placed order for Jenni to ship the book to you. Tracking will be provided upon shipping.

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