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Welcome to Sourwood Mountain

Every small town has secrets.

The Sourwood Mountain Series is a series of trilogies, each focusing on a new small mountain town murder mystery. 

From a little girl hunting monsters to an old man in pursuit of his missing daughter, each trilogy is told from the perspective of a lovable, but unlikely hero and each reads like a conversation with an old friend.

Complete with visual aids and extras, the Sourwood Mountain Series is more than a book series- it's a submersive experience that will leave you wanting more!

The series premieres December 17, 2022 with the release of the first book of the Tess Trilogy.


"Jenni Lorraine is an enchanting storyteller. Her approach is an earthy homespun yarn.
It’s genuinely refreshing to read a novel written in such an utterly immersive manner as to make you forget your whereabouts.
Jenni Lorraine is a unique author and one to watch closely.

I enjoyed every page of this spellbinding book, and I invite you to do the same."

-Adrian Rosenbusch, Screenwriter and Best-Selling Amazon Author, on Tailypo

Lace Pattern


She’s been told time and again to stay out of the woods and away from the old mine, but eleven-year-old Tessie Rowe has an imagination bigger than her mother’s backyard. Since she was old enough to read, she’s done nothing but absorb information about monster lore from across the globe- and she’s become convinced that the area surrounding her tiny hometown of Adelaide, Virginia is home to just about one of everything.

In the summer of 1994, Tessie and her friends set out to prove once and for all that the creatures in Tessie’s sketchbook really do exist. As soon as they get started, though, they find the skeletal remains of a young woman washed up on the shores of Pichol Creek. 

With no reports of missing persons, Sheriff Allen Cline is stumped- that is until the post-mortem reveals the young woman’s identity and points to foul play. With a growing list of suspects who all have iron-clad alibis, the Sheriff turns to the young monster hunters to share clues. 

In a case where nothing appears as it seems, only one thing can be known for certain: The true beasts of Adelaide are about to be revealed.

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Tailypo releasing December 17, 2022

Nereid releasing April 15, 2023

Rusalki releasing August 19, 2023

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