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Rusalki is the conclusion of the "Tess Trilogy" of the Sourwood Mountain Series by Jenni Lorraine and should only be read after reading the first two installments, "Tailypo" and "Nereid."


The weeks that have followed since the discovery of young Ruby Milton's body in Pichol Creek have been a whirlwind of strange activity and mounting suspicions in the small town of Adelaide, Virginia, with eleven-year-old Tessie and friends caught in the center.


Since she was old enough to read, she's done nothing but absorb information about monster lore from across the globe-becoming convinced that folk monsters live in abundance in the woods surrounding her tiny home town.


It was a monster-hunting excursion that led the group of young explorers to find the skeletal remains of Ruby, a former girlfriend of Tessie's uncle Joel, laid to waste in Pichol Creek after Tessie's trusted dog, Job, retrieved the skull.


Now, a dark shadow has been cast over the town of Adelaide as Sheriff Alan Cline races against time to solve the case,convinced it's somehow linked to a series of disappearances, shady characters, and secrets that have long been rotting away at the heart of the local community.

What's worse- Local teenager Ellen Dewey is still missing- and time is running out to find her!


In a case where nothing appears as it seems, only one thing can be known for certain:


The true beasts of Adelaide will now be revealed.


Expected to ship by end of December 2023.
  • Please allow two weeks from time of placed order for Jenni to ship the book to you. Tracking will be provided upon shipping.

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