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The Tess Trilogy

In Jenni Lorraine's best-selling trilogy, "The Tess Trilogy," we join a thrilling literary journey that unfolds against the backdrop of a small Virginia town in the summer of 1995.


In this trilogy, the idyllic community of Adelaide is transformed into a realm of mysteries, monsters, and secrets. Through the eyes of our young protagonist, Tessie, and a cast of unforgettable characters, we embark on a quest for truth, love, and justice. 

The first book, "Tailypo" opens with a group of children who have formed an unlikely monster-hunting crew. United by their fascination with folk monsters, they embark on a quest to uncover the secrets hidden in the woods behind main character Tessie's home. Little do they know that their adventures will lead them to a startling discovery—the skull of Ruby, the troubled former girlfriend of Tessie's uncle, who everyone thought had run off to Nashville to be a star. (Release Date February 13, 2023)

The second installment of the Tess Trilogy, "Nereid," thrusts readers into the heart of a gripping mystery. When two local youths, Christopher Kendler and Ellen Dewey, disappear without a trace, the tranquil town of Adelaide is plunged into panic. As Sheriff Alan Cline and state investigator Kathleen join forces to unravel the sinister secrets lurking in their community, sparks of romance begin to ignite. (Release Date November 10, 2023)

In the chilling finale of the Tess Trilogy, "Rusalki," the secrets of Adelaide, Virginia, will be unearthed, but at a haunting cost. 


"Rusalki" takes readers on a spine-tingling journey to the heart of the unknown, where the line between legend and reality fades into a terrifying abyss. (Release Date December 25, 2023)

The Tess Trilogy extends an invitation to embark on an enthralling journey where the veil between the known and the supernatural is tantalizingly thin.


Adelaide, Virginia, conceals its chilling mysteries, inviting readers to venture into the depths of a town teeming with secrets. With each turn of the page, you'll find yourself irresistibly drawn into a world where legends become reality and reality is more terrifying than any tall tale.

Audiobooks Narrated by Julie Jackson

Julie Jackson is a budding vocal artist and narrator with a background in education. She is originally from Florida, but grew up in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and still calls North Carolina home.  Growing up in the mountains gave her an appreciation of nature and small-town life.  In addition to being a devoted wife and mother, she is an outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, and avid reader.  


After teaching elementary school for eleven years, Julie received her Master of Library and Information Science degree and became a school librarian.  As a teacher and librarian, she was passionate about sharing her love of reading with her students by reading aloud and making stories come to life.  Her love of reading and storytelling drew her to the world of audiobook narration.  


The Bird Trilogy

Nestled in the picturesque town of Cedar Ridge, Colorado, "The Bird Trilogy" takes flight on a mesmerizing journey through the tangled vines of family secrets.


The trilogy opens with "Pluto" In 1991, Sarah Thompson returns to her hometown, seeking solace and connection with her parents, Jack and Melissa, who run an exotic bird farm. But her homecoming turns into a baffling enigma when she discovers her parents have vanished without a trace.

With police baffled, her first glimmer of hope surfaces with Pluto, a scarlet macaw who communicates solely through palindromes, offering cryptic guidance. Sarah's quest to decipher her father's puzzling wordplay and unearth the truth sets the stage for this enthralling opener. (Release date May 10
, 2024)

In "Mars," the intrigue deepens in Cedar Ridge as Sarah delves deeper into the web of her family's secrets. The silent toucan, Mars, harbors a cacophony of untold stories, concealed within his erratic behavior.  Sarah's relentless pursuit of answers leads her closer to the heart of the mystery. In this riveting sequel, secrets soar on silent wings, and the tension reaches a fever pitch.

(Release date May 28, 2024)

In "Venus, the final chapter of the trilogy, the haunting legacy of The Thompson family reaches a poignant resolution. Venus, the traumatized cockatoo, picks at the plumage of the story, unveiling a chilling truth.  (Release Date June 21, 2024)

As Jenni Lorraine's "Bird Trilogy" takes flight, get ready to be captivated by a tale that weaves together the melodious notes of human relationships, the intricate plumage of familial bonds, and the hidden treasures nestled within the narrative's feathers.


With each volume, the mystery soars toward an awe-inspiring crescendo of revelation and redemption.


This trilogy is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, the profound connection between humanity and the enchanting avian world, and the secret gems that sparkle within the intricate tapestry of the past.


The Circus Trilogy

Dive into the heart of the big top with Jenni Lorraine's "Circus Trilogy," a captivating journey that delves deep into the shadows cast by the bright circus lights, exploring mysteries and family legacies. Throughout these interconnected tales, three unique narrators unravel the complexities

of their intertwined fates.

In "Lucy," we meet the once-daring trapeze artist, now a woman of 90, whose memories swing through the decades to reveal a tale of love and loss, poised on the precipice of a long-unsolved disappearance. The circus she knew was a world of wonder and danger, a place where her heart soared, and ultimately, where it shattered. (Release date August 23, 2024)

"Lily," the second book, gives voice to Lucy's sister, the rebellious tattooed lady, whose ink-laden skin maps out the hidden corridors of their shared past. As she peers through the lens of time, Lily uncovers clues that suggest the tragedy that struck was no accident but a web of deceit and betrayal, a pattern incomplete like the unfinished artwork on her own body.
(Release Date September 20, 2024)

Concluding the trilogy, "Lyle" changes the perspective dramatically, offering the silent reflections of an elderly chimpanzee. Lyle's tale unravels the mystery that the human eye missed, shedding light on secrets that only a silent observer could hold. His journey from performance to peace weaves a poignant thread through the narrative, binding the trilogy with a message of enduring kinship. (Release Date October 11, 2024)

Jenni Lorraine's trilogy is a mesmerizing high-wire act that balances the nostalgic charm of circus life with the poignant quest for truth. It's an invitation to lose oneself in a vanished world, only to find at the end of the performance, a reality more profound than the grandest of illusions.

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